Essentially, full or fragmented bodies scattered on canvas. Grey shadows fixed in unfinished gestures, occupying a borderless space.


Eric Jegat paints hesitating faceless figures with uncertain profiles. The fragility of the figuration clashes with the difficulty of interpretation  : Are these figures facing us, turning their backs on us ? Are they human beings or mere shadows ?


Different shades of white or grey, blurred earth-colours, the sobriety of the colours used by the artist seem to relieve the pain we are tempted to decipher on these finally impenetrable beings.


The scratched paint on canvas becomes a tactile surface where the stroking hand discovers anfractuosities. Sometimes a scar disfigures the surface, a body wound, filled with wax — a material which creates graphic vibrations and translucencies.


It is figuration, indeed, but figuration which is the result of a complicity between transfigured materials and the artist’s subjectivity. It is painting in all its unpredictability, sensuality and ruggedness.


Matter is at the same time the matrix and the memory of the artist’s pictorial work : an open and fertile ground which takes us back to our own corporality and to the essential and inevitable confrontation with the body of the Other.


Alessandra Cola