I’ve been doing etching since 1987. It is like a breathing space in my work, quiet moments stolen away from the fury of painting. Everything goes slowly, at the speed of acid carving metal, while varnish dries on copper somewhere else in my studio. The thing with etching is that you can only see the final result once the first print on paper is completed.

You have to wait and hope for the best, sometimes you have to modify lines, and re-print. When the engraving process is completed, another important stage begins : the printing. As I do it myself, I can carry on working on colours, or apply different pressures with the press. There is also the possibility of adding wax, or a copper lining on the prints ; I usually print 10 images. ( I5 years ago I made up my mind it would be ten).

In the end, the 10 etchings are never exactly alike.

I enjoy manipulating metal, ink and paper, the three material used in etching and I am very much drawn towards the intimate aspect of etching, however, I never let myself get carried away, and in my work its the goal I’m trying to attain which presides over the choice of painting or etching.

                                                Eric Jégat